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Gifts Quiz: Your Gift-Giving Personality

Everyone has their own unique attitude toward giving gifts. Take this quiz to discover your gift-giving personality. 1. In a typical year, when do you start your Christmas shopping? a. I hit the stores for the day-after-Christmas sales to begin shopping for the following Christmas. b. I pick up gifts throughout the year, so that I have the majority of my shopping done by Thanksgiving. c. I refuse to even think about Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving. d. I start to think about shopping about a week before Christmas, and it's not unusual for me to still be shopping on Christmas Eve. 2. What's the most romantic gift you've ever purchased for your spouse or significant other? a. Jewelry b. Lingerie c. Leather goods d. Automotive parts or household goods 3. What do you consider to be occasions for giving gifts? a. There's always an opportunity to give gifts - including housewarmings, pets' birthdays, and "thinking of you" gifts. b. Anytime etiquette dictates that a gift is appropriate. c. Only when a gift is expected - Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. d. Only Christmas and birthdays. 4. What types of gifts do you choose to give? a. I always give gifts that generate buzz - the latest electronics, the most supple leather goods, and the most beautiful jewelry. b. I always give gifts that come from the heart - it doesn't matter how much they cost, as long as I know my recipient will love them. c. I tend to give practical gifts - I've been known to give automotive parts, household goods, and even carriers for pets. d. I don't put a lot of thought into the gifts I give. I choose whatever appeals to me when I'm at the store. Scoring: Give yourself 4 points for every "a" answer, 3 points for every "b" answer, 2 points for every "c" answer, and 1 point for every "d" answer. Add up your score. What's your gift-giving personality? 14-16 points: The Gift Maven or Master - You love to shop and you relish gift-giving opportunities. You follow the latest trends, and it's important to you that your gifts reflect your personal taste and style. 10-13 points: The Thoughtful Giver - You put a tremendous amount of thought into your gifts, and your recipients are usually delighted when they open your heartfelt gifts. 6-9 points: The Practical Giver - You don't understand all the hoopla surrounding gift-giving occasions, and don't see why it needs to be an exercise in creativity. It's much easier to get someone a gift that you know they'll use. You've embraced the trend in giving gift cards, which takes the guesswork out of gift-giving. 5 points or less: The Obligatory Giver - You see holidays and special occasions as a conspiracy by the merchandising industry to force you to give gifts. It's not that you're stingy - you'd just prefer to give gifts when you feel like, rather than as dictated by the calendar.

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