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Give Something Different With a Unique Wedding Shower Gift

Wedding shower gifts can be as unique as the recipient. The shower organizer should consider the personality, style and interests of the bride when planning the party. With a wedding shower theme that fits the unique qualities of the bride, shower guests will be prompted to use their imaginations to brainstorm creative gift ideas.

Love of the Outdoors

For the outdoorsy bride-to-be, organize an adventurous shower activity such as mountain biking, rock climbing or camping. Unique wedding shower gifts could include items such as a cozy tent, a sleeping bag for two, and a book on romantic outdoor getaways.

Culinary Gifts

If the bride lacks confidence in her cooking skills, why not organize her shower around a culinary theme. The shower activity may include a cooking demonstration or wine tasting event. All attendees would be asked to bring three of their favorite personal recipes, written on cards; the cards would then be presented to the bride in a special recipe box or book. Guests could bring shower gifts such as live herb-garden starts, a serving tray for breakfast in bed or a picnic basket for two.

New Homeowner Gifts

For the couple about to move into their first home, organize a home improvement shower. Gifts could include tool sets, books on household repairs or decorating tips, and lawn tools such as rakes, hoes and leaf blowers.

Honeymoon Gifts

Is the couple about to embark on a tropical honeymoon? Organize a luau shower, with leis, grass-skirted tables and inflatable palm trees. Shower gifts might include scuba lessons, snorkeling equipment, his and hers beach towels, or a gift certificate for a couples massage at their honeymoon resort.

Artistic Gifts

Don’t leave the happy couple staring at blank walls. Organize a shower where each guest brings a piece of art to decorate the newlywed home. The gifts do not necessarily need to be expensive; guests can acquire unique items from local Saturday markets or craft fairs. Shower guests may even wish to contribute a special painting or framed photograph of their own creation. Along with filling their home, the wedding shower gifts will hold special significance to the newlyweds as it will remind them of close friends and family members.

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