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The Meaning Of Wedding And Bridal Shower Favors

Unique Wedding Favors and Bridal Shower Favors are beautiful hand picked gifts that express an appreciation of the love of your friends and family who support your decision in a commitment of sharing a new life together with your loved one. As time passes these wedding favors and bridal shower favors serve as dainty keepsake mementos with lovely reminders of a joyous time during your wedding ceremony and reception celebration and your commitment of your ever lasting love for one another. Whether your style is the traditional type bride and groom seeking formal favors, or it's a modern bridal couple who are seeking a bit more fashionable choice, the decision should always come from your heart that reflects your personal life style when choosing your wedding or bridal shower favors. The meaning of wedding favors and bridal shower favors have been a part of wedding traditions for several hundred years. In fact it is believed that both bridal shower favors and wedding favors served as a legal part of the pre-marital and wedding ceremony requirements. These little favors were given to witnesses who attended these ceremonies to symbolize as proof of attending and legalizing this truly special event. Without these little important favors it was thought that marriage was not binding because a part of the ceremony was not performed. The gift giving of wedding favors and bridal shower favors to bridal and wedding guest played an important role long ago and still does today. So remember, when planning a wedding or bridal shower favor, make sure to include the historic tradition of the wedding favor and bridal shower favor.

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