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Why are birthdays so important? Counting the population of this world, every day must be a birthday of more than many million people. But for every one of us, our birthday is very important. Why? Is it because we were born on this day? But why our birth is so important? Because otherwise we would not have existed! So birthdays have importance because we exist. Isn't it? Does celebrating birthday change over the life? When we were children, we were very excited on our birthdays. Do we maintain the same excitement as we grow? Most of us don't. Is it because, we have already celebrated so many birthdays, that we are bored? Or we become so philosophical that we lose the fun of living like a child? Why not celebrate birthday as we used to do when we were very young? The same fun, same enjoyment and the same excitement? Why not give it a try? May be we will rediscover our own childhood that we lost when we grew up? Most of us have been sending birthday greetings to friends and family members. Click her to select cards that convey Happy Birthday. http://www.ecarduniverse.com/ecards/anyonebirthday1.php Make birthdays fun!

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