Sports Gift Ideas for Him
Sports Gift Ideas for Him

This list is not for the guy who specifies which NASCAR driver should be featured on
the slippers they want, but for the guy you want to get a nice gift, but isn't that
helpful when it comes to hints.
Bright Gift Ideas
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Why we like it:
Records distance thrown within one yard.
Let yesterday's aspiring quarterback feel
young again!  Gets him out in the yard
and doing some exercise!
Price: $19.95
Virtual Distance Football
Virtual Distance Football
Why we like it:
This dartboard has 30 games you can
play against the computer or with friends.  
A great way to unwind after a long day on
the couch!
Price: $49.95 reduced from $119.95
Talking Electronic Dartboard
Talking Electronic Dartboard
Why we like it:
Invented by the Greeks, this is a superb
game for relaxing with friends or family in
the evening.  This set comes in chrome
with a nylon case and instructions
(fortunately not in Greek).
Price: $54
Chrome Bocce Set
Bocce Set
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