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Why we like it:
Nothing marks an anniversary like a
romantic trip for two to an event.  Visit the
theatre, watch baseball, listen to the
Police.  Whatever floats your boat!
Price: totally depends on the event.
Why we like it:
Make sure they get something they like.  
You can either send an online certificate,
like this one from Walmart, or a physical
Price: $10 and up
Tickets to a Concert, Show or Sports Event
Gift Card or Certificate
Fourth Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: Fruit/Flowers
Modern: Appliances
For Her
For Him
For Either, or for a Couple
First Anniversary Gifts
Why we like it:
An American icon and a masculine icon.  
The frame, matte and engraving can all
be personalized; plus it goes with the
leather! There are many other stocks
Price: $149
One Share of Harley-Davidson Stock
Why we like it:
Each vase is blown and finished by hand
using the same techniques employed by
glass craftsmen since before the Industrial
Revolution. Inscribed with the message
"Hearts that love are always in bloom".
Price: $110
Simon Pearce Vase
Why we like it:
The upside about flowers is they are a great
last minute gift, the downside is that she
knows that.  Get a nice vase with the
beautiful flowers, this means the gift can be
enjoyed well after the flowers have gone.
Price: $69.99
Strawberry Floral Margarita
Strawberry Floral Marjarita
Why we like it:
Kitchen appliances are, as a rule, a bit
dicey as gifts.  However, this one is a bit
different from the norm and makes great
Price: $49.72
Panini Maker
Professional Panini Maker
Why we like it:
This version of the Roomba is designed
for workshops with hard floors or industrial
carpeting.  It sweeps up nuts, bolts, dirt,
and other debris from his shop floor --
which means he won't have to.
Price: $129.99
Dirt Dog
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SpaFinder Gift Certificate
Why we like it:
Spa Finder Gift Cards are redeemable at
over 3,600 day, medical, destination and
resort spas worldwide.  She's bound to
find a spa she likes close-by!
Price: $25-$250
SpaFinder Gift Certificate
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