Anniversary Gifts for Her from Bright Gift Ideas
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Anniversary Gifts for Her
Bright Gift Ideas
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

A selection of anniversary gift ideas for any year.
Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her
Why we like it:
Get a printed, bound photo book,
customized for you.  Multiple options - from
soft cover to leather.  You could put together
an album with photos of your happy years
Price: from $9.99
Picaboo Photo Book
Why we like it:
White Linen is classified as a sharp, gentle,
floral fragrance and is recommended for
daytime wear. It possesses a blend of fresh
florals including jasmine, rose, berry, moss
& amber.
Price: $57.98 for a 2oz bottle
White Linen Eau de Parfum
Why we like it:
The upside about flowers is they are a great
last minute gift, the downside is that she
knows that.  Get a nice vase with the
beautiful flowers, this means the gift can be
enjoyed well after the flowers have gone.
Price: $69.99
Strawberry Floral Margarita
Strawberry Floral Marjarita
Why we like it:
Decorated with hand-painted birds and a
winding floral border this is a lovely pice
from the Pink City of Jaipur in India. Use
as a graceful catchall in the entryway or to
store accessories on a dresser.
Price: $59.99
Jaipur Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest
Why we like it:
Hey, if you can't afford expensive  diamond
jewelry, why not buy her stock in someone
who makes it? The frame, matte and
engraving can all be personalized.  There
are many other stocks available.
Price: $148
One Share of Tiffany & Co Stock
Why we like it:
This impressive tea set features an
over-sized cup, a tea pot and an 8 piece
tea sampler.  Any name up to 12
characters can be inscribed on the side of
the tea pot.
Price: $34.95
Floral Elegance Tea For One Set
Tea Set
Why we like it:
A fitting tribute to a loving union. Inside
this sterling-silver heart pendant there
are two birthstones—one for your better
half and one for you.
Price: from $150
Birthstone Silver Heart
Why we like it:
These earrings are elegant, yet understated.
 Available with white pearl, and a single
diamond or 3 diamonds.  Matching necklace
also available.
Price: $195 1 diamond/$350 3 diamonds
Pearl and Diamond Earrings
Pearl & Diamond Earrings
"Diamonds and Rubies" Gift Set
Why we like it:
This 3 pc gift set by Elizabeth Taylor has
an Eau de Toilette spray, Eau de parfum
and body lotion.  Suitable for evening
Price: $25.98
Why we like it:
Engraved on the reverse with the words
"Always in my heart", this double-heart
pendant is an elegant expression of
everlasting love.
Price: $270
Diamond and Ruby Pendant
Diamonds and Rubies
Diamond and Ruby Pendant
Why we like it:
Setting off the Byzantine etching on the
striking 18k-gold exterior, a gold-vermeil
rolo chain adds contemporary detail to the
time-honored locket design. Put pictures of
the happy couple inside before giving it.
Price: from $125
Embellished Locket Necklace.
Embellished Locket Necklace
Why we like it:
Nothing marks an anniversary like a
romantic trip for two to an event.  Visit the
theatre, watch baseball, listen to the
Police.  Whatever floats your boat!
Price: totally depends on the event.
Tickets to a Concert, Show or Sports Event
Why we like it:
For centuries some people have looked to
copper for its healing properties.  This
bracelet is copper with gold plating and
Swarovski Crystals. It is engraved with
Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often.
Price: $59
Gold Plated Copper Bracelet
Why we like it:
Get her a beautiful plant delivered every
month.  Instead of one gift get her 12! Each
is in bloom and is different every time.  3
month, 6 months and one year options
Price: $140 for 3 months
Plants by the Month
Plants by the Month
Why we like it:
This sterling-silver heart locket opens like a
book to reveal space for four 3/4" x 3/4"
heart-shaped photo - 2 more than
traditional lockets!
Price: $80
Book of Love Locket
Book of Love Locket
Why we like it:
When women talk about slipping into
something more comfortable, this is what
they have in mind—soft, sensuous, ultra-
feminine silk.
Price: $39.99
Silk Pajamas
Silk Pajamas
Why we like it:
Get her a genstone pendant - jade if you
want to be consistent with the anniversary
gift, or choose from quartz, topaz and
others if you don't.
Price: $38 silver; $45 gold
Gemstone Pendants
Gemstone Pendant
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SpaFinder Gift Certificate
Why we like it:
Spa Finder Gift Cards are redeemable at
over 3,600 day, medical, destination and
resort spas worldwide.  She's bound to
find a spa she likes close-by!
Price: $25-$250
SpaFinder Gift Certificate
Why we like it:
Hit the crystal AND the watch!  This fabulous
Italian watch features a Swarovski Crystals
on the dial and the bezel.
Price: $295
Vabene Watch
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